Today is the last full day of our adventure in the Galapagos. As a naturalist, I was overjoyed to share the magic of these islands with our guests, including my mother, who just turned 80.

During our journey of discovery through geological time, we visited the youngest island, Fernandina, as well as the oldest, San Cristobal, where we were today. We landed on a green olivine beach for an active hike along a volcanic landscape, with peaks of tuff high in the sky. At Punta Pitt, the vista was mostly clear with the occasional inversion layer keeping us cool. Today, we were lucky to see red-footed boobies very close. Then it was beach time, watching the sea lions play. Some even interacted with our guests.

Later, we repositioned to Cerro Brujo for our last walk over a white sandy beach and turquoise ocean together with sea lions. Back on board, we passed by Kicker Rock, an impressive tuff formation standing massive out of the shoreline, as the sun set far on the horizon. As we celebrated on the bow, a frigatebird fly near as though saying good-bye.