There are a few days in our lives that may stand out as truly memorable, and one’s first time landing ashore at South Georgia might certainly be one of them. It may sound dramatic, but it really is hard to forget the first time you lay eyes on a colony of 73,000 pairs (or even 21,000) of king penguins – and these aren’t even the largest colonies! Spending the day at Right Whale Bay and Salisbury Plain, we were spoiled with phenomenal wildlife that competed with the even more spectacular scenery. An exciting diversity of weather conditions kept us on our toes throughout the day and reminded us of where we were in the world, and it certainly helped us appreciate the animals that call this island home. In between our landings, we were treated to excellent views of several albatross species as we cruised along the South Georgia coastline. Today was a day that left us feeling like we’d smashed it out of the park already, but we are up for the challenge to see how it can get even better in the upcoming days.