Today reflects the true beauty of Belize—a nation of people who understand the value of preserving wilderness and celebrating diversity. Belizeans are the custodians of a biological gem, a land rich with wild animals and loud forests full of life. If they can keep farmers and developers from destroying the land, this bounty of wilderness will be shared among communities for generations to come. One man purchased land from his father. He is doing all he can to keep the loggers out and preserve the land as a sanctuary for scarlet macaws. We visited his land to see the macaws in their natural habitat. The selfish and unsustainable trade of these magnificent birds wreaked havoc on their population. Fortunately, some great people in the country are working hard so that the birds have trees to call home in the future. This is a perfect example of ecotourism working to protect threatened animals: funding conservationists to steward the land helps to ensure that animals will thrive in the future.

We booked one of the best bands in the country for a private party at the Placencia Yacht Club. Soulful melodies and stories told in the traditional Garifuna language exemplify the deep African roots of the Garifuna Collective.