Today we arrived in Rarotonga, and our day started with a visit to the new “Vaka” called Paikea! Paikea will be a classroom for Te Puna ote Marama, which is set to be launched on April 14. Our cultural navigator, Tua Pittman, and guest speaker Jennifer Kingsley explained the significance of the Vaka and how we can support or donate to this worthy cause.

Later, our group explored the local township and visited local markets. The markets were bustling with activity, and we visited several stalls, including Paul's Hotsauce and Susan's skincare business, called Rito Cook Islands. The ukelele music, beautiful colors, and friendly people made the experience unforgettable.

In the afternoon, we split into three groups for different tours. One group went on a guided bus tour around the island, and another group took a nature walk with Ariimoana. They saw different plantations of citrus, banana, taro, and pineapple. They also visited secret gardens and tried new fruits. The third group explored the island on bicycles.

After the tours, we gathered back on the ship and had a recap of the day's events followed by an island buffet dinner.

Overall, it was a fantastic day. We are looking forward to our next destination and adventures in Bora Bora.

Photo caption and photographer: Visiting Rarotonga. Photo by Kura Happ