Our day commenced early with a spectacular entrance into Rangiroa’s huge lagoon. Bottlenose dolphins often visit our ship during this passage transit, and this morning they treated us to a spectacular display. At least eight dolphins were bow-riding, leaping, and spinning in the water. The dolphins were having so much fun, as were the guests. What a great way to start our day exploring Rangiroa, the world’s second largest coral atoll.

After breakfast, we headed off to a beautiful tropical beach known as the green lagoon. We enjoyed a relaxing morning of snorkeling and playing with the stand-up paddleboards. We also walked along the beach and through the forest with the photography experts and naturalists. The hotel team even brought us ice cream!

After lunch, the diving team dove in one of the finest underwater locations in French Polynesia. The remaining guests and staff went to a wonderful location called ‘The Aquarium,’ named for the abundance of tropical fish found in that section of reef.

The platform was set in place, and guests spent much of the afternoon snorkeling in this amazing location. We were surrounded by so many fish and an excellent coral coverage. The ‘Tom Richie,’ a glass bottom Zodiac, also toured around with guests. The weather and conditions were perfect. It was certainly a day to remember.