Our exit into the Caribbean was received with rays of sun welcoming us into the famous port of Portobelo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Early morning activities started at 8:30 am, when we disembarked in a sleepy town teeming with history. It was a joyful welcome as we walked the streets amongst old buildings, such as the Custom House, which received treasures from Peru during the 17th and 18th centuries. We started our cultural journey into Colombia with the cultural dances of Congo, which preserve the legacy of the African slaves who arrived at this continent in the late 1500s.

We all returned to the ship for lunch and repositioned to a beautiful mangrove that is simply breathtaking. We enjoyed a kayaking adventure through the Blue Veins and observed its rich wildlife, including two-toed sloths, spiders, white faced capuchins, and howler monkeys. For the third day of the voyage, our expectations were met.