Today we woke up to the last day of our trip, and what a day it will be. We will be exploring the western side of the Osa Peninsula from two sites: San Josecito Beach and San Pedrillo Park Ranger’s Station. In the morning, we anchored right in front of San Josecito’s beach where we had two options. The first was to land near the mouth of Rio Claro (Clear River) to take the trail parallel to the coastline. This would lead us to the swimming beach, which was our second option. If we did not want to walk, we could swim or snorkel. The hike was amazing; we walked on a very narrow trail with the steep mountain to our left and a vertical cliff on the right with the incredible sound of giant waves breaking on the rocks below. We spotted a few bird species, scarlet macaws and toucans included, and also saw magnificent trees shadowing our path.

For the afternoon, one of our favorites: San Pedrillo Waterfall and Pargo trails. The first, as its name implies, takes us to the out-of-this-world waterhole in the dense forest. The second leads us to a site with historically more animal sightings than any other time of the week. Sweating and steamy, our rewards were different but wonderful.

Back onboard for a farewell to a great week, we bid our trip goodbye with the wonderful and mythical green flash as whales and dolphins jumped in the horizon.