Today we navigated the protected waters of Golfo Dulce, a gulf located in the gateway of Corcovado National Park. This pristine rainforest in Costa Rica showcases one of the most spectacular conservation efforts in Central America. Local families hosted us in their homes, proud to share their lives with us. Guests enjoyed the opportunity to try local food while learning how individuals and communities overcome the challenges associated with living in such a remote area.

Everyone enjoyed the chance to observe wildlife and a beautiful array of tropical plants. Conservation efforts have made a positive impact that allow species to preserve and expand their home range. We also enjoyed a wonderful Costa Rican folkloric presentation. Children performed beautiful dances and shared music that celebrates the connection of people to this beautiful country.

Later, we all participated in the release of a green sea turtle. Specialists caught the turtle to teach guests about the methods used to collect data for the study and protection of sea turtles.