We started our day with a casual morning as we approached Petersburg. It was a calm voyage throughout the night, and everyone looked forward to our arrival in the picturesque Norwegian town. While we did experience some rain today, it was mostly overcast and we even got some nice weather breaks! An array of activities was available throughout the day, and we got to experience Petersburg and the surrounding areas via biking, hiking, walking, Zodiac tours, and even flightseeing on a seaplane! There was truly something for everyone to experience in this quaint fishing town.

We spent the whole day here. We learned about the history and methods of the fishing industry, and we enjoyed the surrounding nature. Everything from muskegs to aerial glacial views to casual strolls through the town and shops were appreciated by all. We ended our day with a festive recap including a fashion show by the staff, featuring the work of a local Alaskan artist. This was followed by an all-you-can-eat crab feast! It was another truly special day here in Southeast Alaska, and we are looking forward to the adventures that tomorrow holds.