We began our explorations in Belize this morning. After a delicious breakfast, one of the rangers from Payne Creek National Park visited to explain a little bit of the history of this important national park. Payne Creek has an extensive mangrove estuary that has built up over time, and it protects the coastline of this part of Belize. Evidence of a Mayan presence has been discovered in the area. The Mayan people inhabited this part of Belize some 1,200 years ago; they practiced fishing and the extraction and distribution of salt. Stone structures and pottery preserve well over time. It is interesting to note that the sea level and lack of oxygen in the ground have helped preserve wooden artifacts in this area, such as a paddleboard. The protection of the endangered yellow-headed parrots is important here. In the afternoon, we had a lot of fun snorkeling in the warm, rich waters of West Snake Caye.