On Saturday morning, National Geographic Quest awoke to a stunning anchorage in the Snake River. At the confluence of the Palouse River, a tributary to the Snake, the ship anchored between Lyon’s Ferry Bridge and the Joso High Bridge. As the sun rose above the hills, they were bathed in gold. Those already awake and on the bow with their cameras were treated to perfect golden hour light.

After breakfast, activities began with guests taking buses to Palouse Falls. With sweeping vistas and stunning views of the 200 ft falls, the power of the great Missoula floods was on full display.

Other guests were treated to Zodiac cruising and kayaking in the Palouse River. Kayakers enjoyed the beautiful, flat waters at the mouth of the Palouse, and Zodiac cruisers explored up the river. The river’s vibrant ecosystem was on full display, and we observed hawks, falcons, harriers, kingfishers, herons, and an assortment of waterfowl. Cruisers also passed by the site of the incredible Marmes rock shelter. This shelter was excavated in 1962 and, at the time, was the site of the oldest human remains in North America, dating back 10,000 to 12,000 years.

After everyone enjoyed the day’s activities, cocktail hour was held on the ship’s sun deck. A stunning sunset was in store for all aboard as the ship made its way under the Joso High Bridge towards Clarkston.