National Geographic Sea Bird had a full day of adventure. We started the day transiting the lower monumental lock on the Snake River via Zodiac. Our guests got to experience the immensity of the inside of the concrete lock; we felt so small in there. After rising a full 100 feet, we untied and zoomed out of the lock, getting in position to watch National Geographic Sea Bird emerge.

After a filling lunch, we had two fun activities planned for the afternoon. First we rode in buses to the spectacular Palouse Falls. This is a towering waterfall over 200 feet tall that empties into a gorgeous pool; the river then runs through a basaltic canyon. We also took our Zodiacs up the Palouse River where we saw unreal reflections of the canyon on the glassy water. We saw cliff swallow nests and talked about how Sacagawea used cattails on their journey to the Pacific. All day the weather was warm and inviting. After a full day, we reminisced over cocktails and appetizers while listening to our naturalists recap their favorite moments.