We had a beautiful, dry morning that allowed us to go for a pre-breakfast outing to look for wildlife. Mother Nature did not disappoint, and we had many different sightings, including toucans, jacanas, hawks, iguanas, and monkeys. What could be better than that? It was still the morning, and we hadn’t even had breakfast!

After a nice, relaxed breakfast, we disembarked at 0900 to explore the Casual Rainforest. We went for a walk to look for the region’s inhabitants. Almost immediately, we spotted a poison dart frog on a large leaf. At not even an inch long, this frog is tiny but respected as its venom can be lethal. The forest contains so many species of animals and insects. We found a giant tarantula, the queen of the spiders as it is quite large! As we explored the forest, we discovered more plants and animals. We spotted a baby boa moving slowly through the bushes just a few feet away.

In the afternoon, we disembarked in a new location. Our visit was very different as we visited a small village located on the shore of the Maranon River, where we had the opportunity to interact with local people. We were all delighted to meet one another. They told us about life in the jungle, including education, agriculture, and making a living by fishing.

Today was another fantastic day in the jungle!