This was a very special day for each of our explorers. We had a great opportunity to explore deep into the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. Right after an early breakfast, we loaded the skiff and departed for the reserve.

As we cruised through the Pacaya River, evidence of the past highwater season was easily seen on tree trunks. Remains of swamps and little lagoons were evidence that the water was still going down. Several fish were trapped in these little reservoirs of water.

Large amounts of fish trapped in shallow water guarantees the presence of different species of big birds that feed on the fish. We saw big flocks of great egrets, neotropical cormorants, snowy egrets, and jabirus. It was a breathtaking experience to see these flocks of bird take off as we passed beside them on our skiffs.

After exploring part of the reserve, we stopped in a strategic place to have lunch in our famous Amazon Jungle Café! Here we shared our thoughts about the different wildlife sightings. This paradise is home to giant river otters, as well as exotic hoatzins and many other animal species.

One of our greatest highlights was the opportunity to participate in the “Piranha Plunge.” We were delighted as we swam in the Yanayacu Lagoon. Here, a pod of pink dolphins decided to swim close to us and welcome us to their home.

There is no doubt that our visit to the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve was a life changing experience!