As a glorious sunrise gently illuminated National Geographic Islander, guests prepared for a pre-breakfast landing on North Seymour Island. Seabirds appeared in the early morning sky, a good omen for our excursion. While exploring the island, we observed sea lions, blue-footed boobies, frigatebirds, land iguanas and other creatures.

During the afternoon, we explored the underwater world of the Galapagos. After landing on the red beach of Rabida, we immediately jumped into the blue waters of the bay. Sea lions and schools of fish swam near us.

Later, we explored the beach by foot. A beautiful golden light painted the sea lions a bright orange as we approached. Many sea lions remained in place, unbothered by our presence. To top it all off, we enjoyed a gorgeous sunset. It was another great day in the Galapagos, and the trip only just began.