Guests aboard National Geographic Resolution had a memorable day in Miyakojima, Japan. They began with a visit to the historic Miyako Lighthouse. The lighthouse offers panoramic views of the coastline and the Pacific Ocean, serving as a reminder of Japan's maritime heritage.

Later in the day, guests went snorkeling, where they explored coral reefs and encountered a rich diversity of marine life. The fascinating creatures they spotted included: Picasso triggerfish, known for striking and colorful patterns that resemble abstract art; shrimp gobies, which form fascinating symbiotic partnerships with burrowing shrimp, offering them protection in exchange for shelter; and a loggerhead sea turtle, which was very relaxed around the visiting snorkelers.

This day provided a unique blend of cultural insights and nature exploration, leaving guests with lasting memories of their time in Miyakojima and the remarkable marine creatures that call the underwater world home.

Photo caption and photographer: The view looking out from the Miyako Lighthouse.