Thank you to former President Jimmy Carter for the gumption and foresight to set aside the Misty Fjords National Monument in 1978. This amazingly striking fjord of unspoiled wilderness is the definition of why we set aside wild, stunningly beautiful places. While the economic activities of resource extraction can bring a short-term financial gain, the experience of visiting Misty Fjords can be experienced by generations now and a multitude to come. We embraced that experience today with extended families onboard National Geographic Sea Bird. Three generations onboard experienced the solitude, splendor, and special bonds of sharing an exceptional place and making lasting memories, together. 

Haiku Contributions from Global Explorers of all ages:

Dive Marbled Murrelets!

Catch some salmon for your young

Hungry tummies wait

Magic in my eyes

Ethereal whisperings

I am in heaven

-Allyson Kavner

Matt saw a bear cub

I was looking but missed it

I will come back soon

-Kathryn Kavner

Pearls float on water

I watch their luminescence

Pop and deep they dive

-Lynn Pastor Shaver

Wandering southbound

Eagles, Whales, Birds among us

Nature’s reflection

-Paul L

A soft voice wakes me

“Good morning Sea Bird Travelers”

Oof I need coffee

Over there! It’s a bear!

By the spruce in the meadow!

You mean that tree stump?

-Reed Kavner

Otters and seals play

Mountain Goat and her babies

Families together

Sara Kavner Lazrow

Eagle, bear, salmon too

I’ve seen them all, also you?

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

-Matt Woolf

I thought, while it rained,

These fog-filled fjords were apt-named.

Monuments mist-stained.

-Emmett Powers