This morning we arrived into Marguerite Bay. Through the mist we were treated to stunning icebergs, and some of them even had penguins sitting on top! This marked our first sightings of penguins on this incredible expedition.

Our first landing of the expedition was at Red Rock Ridge. After a 15-minute Zodiac cruise through a maze of icebergs, we enjoyed a wild and wonderful arrival to shore where we were greeted by some curious Adelie penguins and a cheeky juvenile Weddell seal. For many of us this was our first ever footfall onto the continent of Antarctica! December 12, 2021 is turning into a day of firsts for many of us!

This afternoon we moved further north and made our second landing at Jenny Island. This time we were greeted by lazy elephant seals, likely to be resting up after a hard day’s diving for squid and other tasty treats at depths that can surpass 2000m in the deep cold ocean waters surrounding this amazing white continent.

What an epic day of sights and sounds, exploring this incredible continent and visiting some of the remotest parts of our planet.