Our first hint of the temperate rainforest greeted us this morning with scattered rain, mist, and mountains, providing the perfect backdrop for our hikes ashore. We also launched our fleet of kayaks into the serene and quiet waters of Lowe Inlet. The theme this morning was all about reflections. The low tide and calm winds allowed for beautiful, reflective scenes, whether we were hiking or kayaking. The water was glass-like and provided the most tranquil scene that was only disturbed by the movement of a paddle stroke. On shore, guests had the chance to casually walk throughout the intertidal zone, where each step they took had the sponginess of the rockweed, the crunch of barnacles, and the chatter of ravens to keep them company. Guests could also do a bit more exploring on one of the two bushwhack hikes, and they had the chance to meander along the shore as well as into the forest for a completely different adventure. Berries, fungi, and even carnivorous plants awaited those who ventured deep into the thickets of trees. After our morning explorations at Lowe Inlet, the ship weighed anchor and headed back out into the Glenville Channel and towards Prince Royal Island in search of wildlife.