As the sun rose over glassy seas, our group readied for an exciting morning of excursions in the California sea lion rookery on Los Islotes, a tiny island near the Mexican city of La Paz. The first group to visit these playful creatures was our snorkelers. Young California sea lions are as playful as puppies, and as we entered the water, sounds of laughter and glee were heard all around. The young pups darted to and fro, nibbled on our fins, frolicked with their friends, and delighted each and every one of us.

Next, we sent Zodiacs over for topside tours of the rookery. Guests were delighted with views of frisky sea lions vying for space, young pups lying on their mothers, and the cacophony of barks, moans, and yowls that echoed off the rock walls.

In the afternoon we docked in La Paz for an epic fiesta. The event began in Teatro Juarez where we watched Mexican Ballet Folklorico dance to the music of a wonderful traditional band. We then moved to a restaurant along the seaside malecon where we ate a delicious meal and were serenaded by an amazing soprano singer.

The icing on the cake was a vibrant orange sunset over La Paz Bay.