On our last day of week two of our new Bahamas Expedition, we woke along the northern coast of Long Island.

We spent our morning here exploring features and places on shore. First, we hiked up to the highest point on the island. We visited a monument that honors the original inhabitants of the Bahamas, the Lucayans, and the arrival of Christopher Columbus to Long Island in 1492(3). Before moving to our next spot, we made a stop at some nearby gift shops to view and purchase arts and crafts made by locals.

Afterwards, we took another hike up to the Adderley Monument and Plantation. The plantation was built around 1790 and consisted of cotton and livestock, including sheep, goats, and horses for work and transport.

Once we felt like we had enough adventure for the day, we enjoyed lunch at a local restaurant on the coast. Then we headed back to National Geographic Sea Lion to pull up the anchor and be on our merry way.