The morning greeted us with fair winds and following seas as Sea Cloud’s crew hoisted the sails for the first time on our journey along the Dalmatian coastline.

Captain Svendsen called on the deck crew to hit the rig and haul away. Soon, almost all 30 sails billowed in the wind as we made headway to Korčula. Guests were immersed in the sailing experience as they listened to the captain give orders to the crew, who followed his lead from stern to bow on the mighty Sea Cloud.

After a plentiful and filling lunch on the Lido Deck, there was just enough time to prepare for an afternoon on one of Croatia’s most inviting islands.

The winds and seas picked up, making it quite the expedition to shore. Guests, staff, and crew proved themselves worthy of their sea legs.

Walking tours commenced, and we got to experience the charm of the archetypal medieval town of Korčula. We strolled into St. Mark’s Cathedral and visited the Bishop’s Palace, and later we got to view an exhilarating traditional Moreska sword dance—one that truly lit a spark for us all.

The day came to a close with a Sea Cloud welcome feast that included crew introductions and a champagne toast to celebrate our shared voyage ahead.