Welcome to the James Ross Strait.

Along with around 30 guests onboard National Geographic Resolution, my day started as we witnessed the brilliance of the midnight Arctic sun. Guests were invited to come up to the top deck to experience the magical photographic light with National Geographic photographer Kilii Yuyan and photo instructor Michael Nolan. The images produced from this experience were phenomenal…creative angles, explosive light, and most of all, images that highlight the nature of this special place.

Today, well at least later today, we ventured through the James Ross Strait, pushing through the sea ice of the Northwest Passage. Along the way, we witnessed true sea ice formations, the chill of the Arctic winds, and the striking colours of this summer-filled “winter land.”

Polar bears showed up along the edges of the ice, some feeding and a mother caring for her cub. Needless to say, guests were thrilled to see this rare moment.

But most of all, life goes on with this majestic ship. Courtney, our Global Gallery manager, is still dressing our mannequin, Betty, in the Global Gallery, and First Navigator Efrem Ghirmal is steering our ship through an absolutely amazing and icy expanse. What an experience.

What I’m trying to say is that this Arctic region and its communities are eye openers in terms of what our “Island Earth” is all about: ancient cultures that we can observe in this modern world and so much raw beauty at the top of the world.

Cheers to all travelers and explorers for a job well done.