Punta Vicente Roca is located on the northern shore of Isabela Island, the largest of the Galapagos Islands. Tuff cones, sometimes called ash cones, surround the area. As soon as we anchored, we boarded Zodiacs for a sunny ride along the coast where we took in the impressive volcanic landscape and views of Ecuador Volcano. We spotted penguins, Nazca boobies and flightless cormorants. We snorkeled with Galapagos fur seals, sharing the area with marine turtles.

In the afternoon, we visited Fernandina, the newest island of the archipelago. Even from a distance, La Cumbre Volcano is amazing. As soon as we landed, the green mangrove trees and volcanic rocks invited us for a walk. Marine iguanas rested on rocks, heating their bodies, all along the trail. Sea lions, unbothered by the iguanas, played right beside them. Flightless cormorants stood on rocks, lifting their wings to dry them. What an impressive landscape.