The western islands in the Galapagos are well known for abundant and exotic wildlife. Breathtaking landscapes made this day unforgettable. In the early morning, we invited our guests to join us on the bow to observe the varied seabirds flying over Roca Redonda, an enigmatic underwater volcano in the area.

We continued sailing towards the equator during breakfast. We celebrated our crossing as we observed the incredible landscape. Later in the morning, we embarked on Zodiacs to explore Punta Vicente Roca. We observed a Galapagos penguin and plenty of marine iguanas and flightless cormorants. It was also possible to see abundant sea turtles and one of the two species of sea lions found in this archipelago.

Snorkeling was amazing. The area was full of sea turtles and playful sea lions. We had a delicious lunch on board, and we went hiking at Punta Espinoza in the afternoon. Lots of baby sea lions greeted us along the way. Now is the time of year when the islands are sea lion nurseries. We saw large groups of marine iguanas, the most abundant species in the area, along with Galapagos hawks, pelicans, and more.