Today we explored the western side of the Galapagos Islands. We started on the northernmost part of Isabela, a place known as Punta Vicente Roca. An upwelling of marine currents takes place here, making it a very productive marine ecosystem where we can find a lot of unique wildlife. Penguins, flightless cormorants, and sea turtles were some of the highlights. We also found many marine birds perching, fishing, and nesting along the coastline of the impressive volcanic area. Our first activity was a Zodiac tour to explore. Later, we went snorkeling here.

In the afternoon we visited Fernandina Island. The youngest island of the archipelago is located at the westernmost point. This site helps us learn how the first islands may have looked upon their emergence. Fernandina is home to the largest population of marine iguanas. Groups had the chance to walk among large numbers of the iguanas to observe their adaptations, their nests, and the forces that have shaped them into such a special species. Our walk took us through lava fields where a very special vegetation grows: the lava cactus. We observed various endemic species. Our day ended with a beautiful sunset and a barbecue on the outdoor deck.