When engineer Tom Miller has the night watch, guests and crew always look for his artwork in the morning, left behind like a treat on the bar. Tom usually sums up the previous day’s adventures. We were not disappointed today with his harbor seal in front of Margerie Glacier. Tom specializes in mediums of Sharpie and paper towel.  This author is pleased to have an original hanging in her home.

This was our second day of glorious skies and sparkling waters. Our morning at the Inian Islands was a grand finale to our voyage. In our small inflatable Zodiacs, we weaved through the forested islands at mid-incoming tide. The deep ocean water suddenly turns shallow here, allowing fish to be quickly pushed to the surface. The consequential feeding frenzy included Steller sea lions, eagles, gulls, and sea otters. Churning jade waters were abuzz with life and action. Steller sea lions breed from May to July, and a hauled-out group of females surrounded their alpha male on the rocks. We got to see a rival male, just as enormous as the resident male, make a tentative challenge. There was aggressive growling but no physical contact. The rival flopped back into the water, defeated for now.