Today was another spectacular day in Southeast Alaska! Guests enjoyed a delightful morning stretch on the sun deck with Sokie, followed by delicious smoothies concocted by the best galley team in the fleet. The morning’s Zodiac cruises at the Inian Islands did not disappoint, as guests enjoyed half a dozen humpback whales, Steller sea lions, sea otters, eagles, and more bird species than we could count. The crew had some fun as they repositioned the Zodiacs over to George Island while guests enjoyed a wonderful lunch back on board.

Our afternoon at George Island proved just as phenomenal as our morning adventure. Guests chose between casual and moderate walks on George Island, where they learned about and saw a historic World War II installation site, complete with a six-inch 50 caliber gun waiting at one of the best lookouts in Southeast Alaska. Across Icy Strait, the Fairweathers graced us with their beauty. Brady Glacier flowed down from the mountains, and we got a rare glimpse of northern resident orcas cruising and spyhopping through the turquoise blue waters of the strait. On the diorite pebble landing beach of George Island, guests enjoyed kayaking amongst the kelp beds. Some even took a brisk dip in the icy waters before heading back to National Geographic Quest for cocktails and, of course, more food! What a day…I’m wiped!