Nestled within Green Inlet along the Inside Passage of British Columbia, our morning anchored in Horsefly Cove was a breathtaking start to another day of our unforgettable expedition. After indulging in a delicious breakfast prepared by our skilled chefs, we gathered on deck to witness the mystical dance of fog as it swirled and gradually lifted from the surrounding hills and mountains. The serene ambiance was punctuated by the excitement for our Zodiac cruises and kayak adventures. As we paddled through the calm waters, we were graced with awe-inspiring sights of orcas and minke whales, their graceful presence a testament to the pristine natural beauty of this remote corner of the Great Bear Rainforest. Meanwhile, the dive team embarked on their own adventure, exploring the steep fjord walls and capturing captivating images and videos of the underwater wonders.

After lunch, we cruised under warm sunshine and spotted a black bear eating salmon out of a beautiful, cascading waterfall.

In the evening, our expedition family came together for a delightful and unique experience: "Freaky Friday." This special event saw our stewards and galley crew members take on the nightly cocktail hour recaps while the staff, in turn, donned aprons to serve dinner and help out with the dishes and cleanup. The result was an evening filled with laughter, camaraderie, and a deep sense of connection among us all. It was a heartwarming reminder of the bonds forged during our journey, as we celebrated the joy and love that define our expedition community.

Cheers to the wonder and adventure that awaits around every corner of the Inside Passage. With each passing day, we cherish the memories and experiences that unite us on this remarkable voyage through the natural splendor of the Inside Passage’s coastal wilderness.