Today’s South Pacific journey brought us to the beautiful and remote island atolls of Hao and Amanu.

We started the day with snorkeling and dive operations. Both activities were on the ocean side of the atoll, which have dramatic drop offs. The diving was fantastic with schools of fusiliers and jack fish and three different shark species. Snorkeling also offered a plethora of opportunities to observe fish and a grey reef shark that arrived to check out the group. All in all, it was an extremely healthy reef with lots to see!

Amanu Island gave us the warmest welcome! A band greeted us, and we were presented with handmade hats made from palm fronds and necklaces made of an array of local flowers. The band marched us into town, where we enjoyed a performance from thirteen children ranging in age from four to eight years old. They showed off a local dance routine as the band accompanied them. The population of the small village is 90, and many of the residents participated in this wonderful event. After walking around town, we set sail into the sunset after finishing another epic day.

What a time to be alive!

Photo caption and photographer: A band greeted us on Amanu Island. Photo by Todd Gooding