Today begins with morning coffee and breakfast on National Geographic Sea Lion. This morning we are at the Half Moon Caye and it will be a day to remember. The Great Blue Hole is the second largest barrier reef. Coming here has always been one of the must-do activities of visitors to Belize.

The weather and wind are always factors when visiting the Half Moon Caye because of we are in open waters. Today, conditions were calm and almost windless. The water was pristine, and the reef was beautiful. Half Moon Caye is known as one of the seven natural wonders, and we can see why. After a snorkeling experience over the blue abyss, we took the smooth boat ride back to the ship for lunch.

The afternoon activities were also amazing. We visited Half Moon Caye where we enjoyed the natural state of the island. We saw red-footed boobies and magnificent frigatebirds, who were always trying to steal food meant for the booby chicks. The cycle of life goes on as we end the day and leave the island for the ship’s next destination.