We started our morning by dropping an adventurous group of hikers in Maiviken to hike over the hills and descend down to the historical whaling station of Grytviken. The rest of us traveled around in King Edward Cove. We started our landing with a visit to Ernest Shackleton’s grave, where we offered a toast to “the boss.” Continuing our morning, we were free to wander around the whaling station and visit the ruins of machinery and decrepit boats as we made our way through the large number of adorable fur seal pups that littered every open space.

In the afternoon, we sailed away from Grytviken and headed to the wide-open bay of Godthul. The wind and water inside Godthul were perfectly calm, giving us the opportunity to kayak! We enjoyed a peaceful exploration of this stunning part of South Georgia. A small group of guests stretched their legs on a hike up through the tussock to a couple of small lakes. They viewed a few gentoo penguin colonies and an extremely large group of South Georgia pintail ducks. The afternoon was capped off by a brave few who jumped into the freezing cold water of South Georgia to earn their Polar Plunge patch.