National Geographic Venture cruised into Glacier Bay National Park early this morning, eventually docking at Bartlett Cove. The ranger station provided a unique opportunity to get off the ship and get moving on various trails before our wonderful chef and galley team dished out a delectable brunch. On forest hikes and aerobic hikes fit for all levels, guests took advantage of the trails and roads that pave the way for visitors to this awesome lodge.

The rest of the day was spent looking at awe-inspiring views, which were complemented by prevalent sunshine. In between the incredible sights, our naturalists and staff were on the bow to scout the shoreline and waterways for any signs of wildlife. A black bear, many humpback whales, several coastal brown bears, and multiple seabirds, including tufted puffins, were spotted throughout the day with binoculars and our legendary spotting scope. The weather could not have been better in a setting as beautiful and grand as this one.