“Wow!” was the most-heard word as guests aboard National Geographic Quest emerged onto the decks this morning. Stunning mountain scenery surrounded us as we cruised past Lamplugh Glacier into Johns Hopkins Inlet in Glacier Bay National Park. As we continued up toward Johns Hopkins Glacier, many harbor seals rested on icebergs previously calved from the glacier.

Much more wildlife was to follow on this magnificent day. We spotted one brown bear with a cub, and another snoozing after a snack in the intertidal zone. A gray wolf trotted above the shoreline and disappeared into the shrubbery, emerging a few minutes later carrying something to take back to the family.

At Gloomy Knob, we stopped to look at mountain goats, as well as tufted puffins and other birds in the water below the cliffs. Happily, meals and presentations continued onboard between sightings of sea otters, humpback whales, and a lone bull killer whale. All before reaching South Marble Island, home to nesting birds and boisterous sea lions.

After this very full and exciting day, National Geographic Quest ventured south toward our next destination.