We are starting to wonder if this weather is the new normal in Alaska.  Yesterday was pushing 80 degrees and we were greeted again this morning with epic warm weather. The pink sky at 3:30am transitioned into various shades of blue until the sun was beaming on the Fairweather Range as we sailed up Glacier Bay National Park. The perfect reflection of the glaciers, mountains and forest in the water was a magical way to start our day as we made it all the way to the end of the bay. Just after breakfast, we visited Margerie Glacier and witness one of Mother Nature’s kind gifts of a calving tidewater glacier under a blue sky. As we made our way back down the bay, we encountered a brown bear sow and cub on the shore eating crustaceans in the intertidal zone, a few mountain goats on Gloomy Knob, and a couple of humpback whales breeching. What a perfect day in Glacier Bay National Park.