Today was our last full day in the Galapagos. We visited one of the oldest islands in the archipelago, San Cristobal Island, also known as Chatham. This island is important because it is the administrative capital of the Galapagos and home to around 8,000 people.

However, if you did not know this information, you would probably think that the island is uninhabited because it is so pristine. When we first set foot on the island this morning, all we could see were sea lions, red and blue-footed boobies, and a beach with no footprints. This is the beauty of the Galapagos Islands.

After a morning spent looking for red and blue-footed boobies, we went in the ocean for a refreshing swim. Back onboard the ship, we enjoyed a delicious Galapageño lunch. We spent the afternoon on a beautiful white sand beach called Cerro Brujo, home to a colony of sea lions and nesting sea turtles.

The Galapagos are a special place where animals are ecologically naïve, showing no fear of humans. This is just a taste of how the rest of the world could be if animals and humans coexisted in peace!