Another epic day in Southeast Alaska with an incredible sunrise on the Coast Range reflecting in the glassy waters of Frederick Sound. Our morning visit to Thomas Bay was greeted with blue sky and warm air, perfect for our hiking and kayaking operations.

Our first stop on our coastal rainforest hike was Cascade Creek, a thunderous waterfall that casts a misty spray into the morning light, creating perfect photo opportunities. Every shade of green was displayed on the forest floor and in the tree canopy.

Our afternoon in Le Conte Bay was just as glorious, with blue skies and slightly wispy clouds.  We cruised among the massive icebergs from Le Conte Glacier that were grounded on the terminal moraine, exposing the underside of these beautiful ice creations. Every shade of blue was displayed in the depths of this ancient ice reflected from the blue skies.

During an operational stop in Petersburg, we were treated to a panoramic view of the Coast Range with the 9,079 foot granite spire of Devils Thumb as a backdrop to the fleet of salmon fishing boats. We are heading south tonight to continue our great luck of finding whales and great weather. Stay tuned.