Greetings from National Geographic Orion as we begin our epic journey through the wonders of Papua New Guinea and the Indonesian Islands.

This morning, we made our way to Fly River, one of Papua New Guinea’s iconic rivers. Guests were introduced to the ship’s staff and taken through mandatory briefings on Zodiac and snorkeling procedures. This was followed by an excellent iPhone presentation by certified photo instructor Lisa.

After a great outdoor lunch, we approached the delta of the Fly River with an entrance that is over 100 kilometers wide. Zodiacs were dropped into the silty water, and we began traveling up the river to our destination.

Guests enjoyed a Zodiac cruise through one of the river branches to get up and close with the wildlife. We spotted many shorebirds, as well as pig hunting dogs, mudskippers, and mud crabs.

The day’s highlight was interacting with local village people, who were thrilled to meet our guests. Shrieks of laughter and joy were heard.

It was a great start to our journey through this mystic land as the sun set over the Fly River.