We started activities early on the coast of beautiful Floreana Island. Our guests couldn’t wait to begin their first kayaking experience. They toured a small bay surrounded by mangrove trees and small, white sand beaches. Sea lions rested on the shore and swam around the kayaks.

Afterwards, we visited Post Office Bay, one of the most important historical sites in the Galapagos. The wooden barrel found here is evidence of the first Ecuadorian mail system. Beginning in the 1700s, crewmembers from different boats left behind letters in the barrel, hoping that they would eventually be delivered by other sailors and whalers. Our guest kept the tradition alive by leaving behind postcards and taking mail from previous visitors to deliver once they return home.

The morning offered us more aquatic activities. We snorkeled near the coast of Champion Islet and were pleased to share our experience with some Galapagos sea lions that were willing to play with us.

After lunch, we visited Punta Cormorant on the northern tip of Floreana Island. We landed on a green sand beach that gets its unique color from olivine crystals. We followed a trail to a brackish lagoon where we spotted a few Galapagos flamingos. We kept walking until we reached a white sand beach that was crowded with green sea turtle nests. We walked beside the sea as we ended a great day on Floreana Island.