Early in the morning, we continued with our expedition by visiting one of the most interesting historical sites in Galapagos, Post Office Bay. Here, a wooden barrel was used to leave written messages with the hope that ships passing by would pick them up and deliver them by hand. We continued with this tradition, picking up and delivering postcards.

Kayaking, paddleboards and Zodiac rides were used to explore the surroundings of the bay as well. An exciting explosion of wildlife enriched our lives. We observed many active Galapagos sea lions, especially little juveniles that are just delightful. Some of them were newborn babies who were just a few days old.

After breakfast, we went for a Zodiac ride around to Champion Islet, looking for the highly endangered Floreana mockingbird. Crystal clear and calm waters were ideal conditions for practicing deep water snorkeling in the area. Some juvenile sea lions joined us in the water, adding an amazing touch to this outing. 

In the afternoon, we walked on Punta Cormorant. We were immersed in this idyllic location where endemic vegetation, breathtaking landscapes, flamingos, and sea turtles made us dream about the intrinsic beauty of nature. At the end of this wonderful day of exploration, our hearts and minds are replenished with the well-needed tonic of wilderness.