Today we woke up at Punta Cormorant where we disembarked for an early pre-breakfast natural history walk on Floreana Island. Blue-footed boobies were the stars and a number of couples performed courtship rituals. We even had the chance to see a father feeding its chick. After breakfast, we went for a Zodiac ride along Champion Islet. This was a great opportunity to observe different species of sea birds such as brown noddy terns, frigatebirds and swallow-tailed gulls. We also had the chance to go for a deep-water snorkel along the shore of this islet where sea lions played around us. In the afternoon, some guests went out on kayaks and paddle boards, while others went to visit Post Office Bay, where we learned about the human history of the Galapagos. We ended the day on the shore of Post Office Bay where some guests had a chance to walk along the beach while others went for a refreshing swim.