During the night National Geographic Explorer entered the calm waters of Breioafjorour fjord. While our guests enjoyed a delicious breakfast, we approached and dropped anchor in front of Flatey island, our morning destination, with a population of around six people. One of the few inhabited islands of the close to 3,000 islands inside the fjord, Flatey gets visitors from the mainland during the summer months.

Using our trusty Zodiacs, we easily landed on Flatey to visit its charming little church, and adjacent tiny library, apparently the smallest and one of the oldest in Iceland. Also, we walked to a nearby low cliff to see the beautiful nesting puffins. It was great fun to observe the hyperactive puffins with their characteristic furious wingbeats diligently coming and going, bringing loads of fish to their chicks. Their brightly colorful bills, loaded with perfectly aligned groups of small fish, disappeared into their underground nests.