Today we are in an area surrounded with the most actives volcanoes in the Galapagos, an interesting landscape very characteristic of the western islands, which are the youngest. We are very fortunate to be cruising these waters.

Punta Espinoza on Fernandina is one of the highlights of this expedition. This pristine Island is full of life and is very interesting because there is no other place in the world where we can be so close to marine iguanas basking in the sun. As they thermoregulate their body’s heat, they let us share their habitat with them. At this time of the year, it is beautiful to see baby Iguanas hiding in the crevices of young lava.

The conditions for deep-water snorkeling were great. We had the opportunity to swim with Pacific green sea turtles, watch marine iguanas feeding underwater, Galapagos sea lions playing around, many different schools of fish, flightless cormorants deep-diving, and even Galapagos penguins passing by trying to get some food.

Back onboard, we had a Mexican lunch with delicious margaritas and a three-chocolate dessert! This was followed by Zodiac rides along the coast of Punta Vicente Roca to enjoy the volcanic landscape and amazing wildlife abundant here due to the upwelling of the Cromwell Current that provides nutrients to these rich waters.

During the evening wine tasting event, we cruised by the collapsed caldera of Ecuador volcano and crossed the equator line. We also had some “pirates” drop by to help us celebrate another wonderful day of this expedition!