Early this morning we rounded the northwest point of Isabela Island as the sun rose on the volcanic landscape of the islands most recent lava flows. Our shore landing on Fernandina Island is hard to describe in words except for the “Land of the Iguanas.” Each step is precarious, either avoiding stepping on an iguana or avoid crevasses in recent lava flows. This is a photographer’s paradise with wildlife subjects everywhere! We spent three hours photographing some of the most unique Galapagos wildlife including the marine iguanas, Galapagos sea lions and hawks.

After some of the most gratifying wildlife photography, we returned to the ship every so briefly before departing on a deep-water snorkel in a bay nearby. As the tide dropped the marine iguanas. departed their warm rocks on land and braved the cold waters of the Pacific to feed on green algae. Underwater, we watched the iguanas and green sea turtle feed happily in shallow waters.

This evening we celebrated on the observation deck, and we crossed the equator watching the sun set into the Pacific Ocean. Another exceptional day in the Enchanted Islands had by all and we are looking forward to another land and sea adventure tomorrow.