We had a great start to our Falkland Islands expedition today! The winds were low and the sun was shining–sunscreen and sunglasses were a must! We made our first landing at Saunders Bay where we saw two new species of penguins–rockhopper and Magellanic. The white sand beaches looked stunning against the turquoise water, a stark contrast to what we have seen on our expedition thus far. In the afternoon, we landed on Carcass Island, named after the HMS Carcass. We had the opportunity to walk up Jason Hill. It was nice to get out and be active after our days at sea. This island has diverse vegetation and an abundance of birds! Caracaras, gentoo penguins, Magellanic penguins, skuas, imperial shags, rock shags, kelp geese, ruddy-head geese, upland geese, blackish oystercatchers, Magellanic oystercatchers, cobb’s wrens, tussacbirds, and more. What a day. And what a time to be alive.