Today National Geographic Endeavour II is visiting Espanola Island. Here in this beautiful place we have plenty of activities to do. We started the day with deep water snorkeling on Gardner Islet before heading to Gardner Beach, which is one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire archipelago.

After a delicious lunch, naturalist Socrates Tomalá was in the lounge for a photo talk where we learned how to take the best photographs during our hikes here in the Galapagos. Later we hiked on Punta Suarez, an amazing place to photograph sea birds, including the waved albatross and Nazca booby.

After a shower back onboard, it was time to head to the lounge for naturalist Javier Carrion’s interesting presentation about adaptive radiation. Then, our expedition leader Juan Carlos gave us information about tomorrow’s activities. We cannot wait to keep exploring this amazing place.