Our first outing took place along the shore of Gardner Bay, a beautiful white sand beach and rocky cliff. Kayakers and paddleboarders explored the area for wildlife while enjoying the view.

We walked along the beach later in the morning. Surrounded by turquoise waters, we watched a small colony of sea lions as they rested and played.

The dry season has lasted longer this year. The water temperature has not warmed up yet, and marine birds such as the Nazca boobies are still breeding. The waved albatross, a beautiful bird, continues to lay eggs. We explored Punta Suarez and found young albatrosses still dressed up in their fluffy coats, which they will soon exchange for smooth, strong feathers in order to take off and leave the island. Albatrosses are known to abandon the archipelago from the months of January to March.

The afternoon walk was full of life and color. Baby sea lions played and nursed on the beach, Galapagos doves dug small holes next to the trails looking for food, and mockingbirds followed our group, displaying many vocalizations.