Our journey continued as we arrived at Española, one of the oldest and most diverse islands in the archipelago. Gardner Bay is a coralline sand beach with turquoise waters. It is a favorite haul out for Galapagos sea lions, and young sea lions lazed on the beach as Española mockingbirds flitted about along the coast. The young sea lions swam and played among us as we snorkeled. The afternoon brought us to a rocky path filled with wildlife. Marine iguanas nested along the path, and numerous Nazca booby chicks practiced flying. They jumped from the rocks while their parents looked on. We spotted waved albatrosses along the southern cliffs. The first individuals of the season landed on the island to search for their lifelong mates. The sun dipped below the horizon, and the soundtrack of Española sent us on our way as we headed back to National Geographic Endeavour II.