We arrived in Ensenada this morning, and everyone was abuzz. We were excited to be in Ensenada, and we started the day with a few epic hours of morning light! This morning’s sunrise was one of the most stunning I’ve ever seen...no photo would do it justice. Hot pinks ribboned with sherbet orange streaks and then purples like I have never seen except maybe on the tips of passion fruit blossoms. Stunning to say the least. As the ship continued to wake up, we heard a call on the PA system that humpback whales were nearby. We all went to the bow and with an audible “poosh,” three humpback whales exhaled one after the other just a hundred feet off our 11:00 position! Traveling alongside them was a huge pod of common dolphins. Some of the dolphins stayed with the whales, and others raced to the front of our ship to bow ride! It was so awesome, and it wasn’t even 8:00 am yet!

After breakfast and a bit of down time, we pulled into Ensenada. Our excursion today was to a sustainable and stunning vineyard. This was perfect since Ensenada is wine country and boasts that they have the best wine in all of Mexico. The name of the vineyard is Las Nubes. Guests spent around four hours at the property. We tasted wine and enjoyed a behind the scenes tour of the grounds. We met winemaker and owner Victor and were serenaded by a mariachi band that is quite famous. We enjoyed a four-course paired meal and a performance by an award-winning opera singer flown in just for our group!

Today was such a brilliant day. At cocktail hour, everyone raised a glass to our wonderful day.