It’s not every day that a trip into the depths of a fjord, situated within a temperate rainforest, is dry and warm. No more than a few drops of rain fell on us today as we plied the ice-choked waters of Tracy Arm-Fords Terror Wilderness Area in our pursuit of Dawes Glacier. Dawes Glacier is the tidewater juggernaut that scoured and sculpted the landscape we zigzagged our way down this morning before taking to our fleet of Zodiacs for a day on the water. The day included not only ice tours but about 50 splashes (followed by screams) as over half our ship plunged into the glacially infused water.

On our last day of the trip, lots of thank-yous and salutations were in order and were delivered wonderfully. Tomorrow we see off our guests and wish them well on their educational and exploratory journeys ahead.